Teaching - vocation or profession?

We all have that one teacher we'll never forget. Did they learn how to be that good, or were they born with it? The question is an important one in the context of developing education. I read today that teachers in the private Pakistani institution Hunny would leave 'if offered a job in a government school'. The reason? 'Pay is better there, and teachers do not always turn up' (meaning less work). Full article here

This raises the age-old question of whether teaching is a
profession or a vocation. Despite the rise in child-centred approaches in the classroom, quality teachers are still required to act as facilitators in this new environment. And, they are still a prerequisite of a quality education. Why then the low status of teachers in countries like Pakistan? Although there are some exceptions e.g. South Korea, why have teachers never quite reached the same professional heights as lawyers or doctors? More importantly, what can be done to help raise the status of teachers in contexts such as Pakistan, where for example, greater teacher input into curriculum decisions is not necessarily welcomed by headteachers?

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  1. Esther on AHG Network:

    Teaching is a Passion. Perhaps publishing testimonies of both teachers and students would not only raise public awareness of the value of teachers in any culture but inspire others to become teachers. Just a thought.