Link: Annotated Bibliography on Teacher Professional Development in Crisis

From the team at INEE. A useful annotated bibliography on literature related to Teacher Professional Development in Crisis.

Check it out here.

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Learning Arabic - guest post on Productive Muslim

Regular readers will have noticed that posts have been sporadic (at best) lately. Apologies for this. It seems however that posts every few months or so are likely to become the norm. Given my schedule outside of blogging this seems the most sustainable way to continue with the blog...

Today's post provides a link to a guest article I recently wrote for Productive Muslim. The article comprehensively covers the topic of learning Arabic. You can read the article here.

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Tips for language learning

Something a little interactive today...

It would be great to hear your tips on the best ways to learn a new language. Share them in the comments box below.

Looking forward to seeing what we get!